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Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

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April 30, 2008

أيهما أفضل تدخين السيجاره أم الشيشه؟

Dear All,

A parent has asked if there is medical evidence that smoking shisha is as bad as smoking cigarettes. The evidence comes form this medical study done by Dr. Sanaa Al-Mutairi from Kuwiat University. Please do take the time to read the summary.

Crushing the Hubble-Bubble Myth
Study Unveils that Hookah Smoking is just as Harmful as Cigarette Smoking
Melbourne, Australia - 27 June 2006 - Smoking Hubble-Bubble does not reduce the risk of tobacco exposure – on the contrary, it poses potential harm to health.
Recent findings have disproved the common belief that Hubble-Bubble smoking (Sheesha or hookah) is a safer and healthier alternative to traditional cigarette smoking.
The study – co-authored by Dr. Sana Al-Mutairi from the Faculty of Medicine at the Kuwait University – is published by Blackwell Publishing in the July issue of the Respirology, the official publication of the Asian Pacific Society of Respirology.
The health dangers of tobacco or cigarette smoking have long been universally acknowledged, but the recent increased levels of Hubble-Bubble smoking – particularly with younger members of the European and Middle Eastern communities – have been alarming; prompting researchers to conduct a thorough evaluation on the effects of Hubble-Bubble and tobacco smoking on respiratory and metabolic parameters.
In general, tobacco leaf combustion is incomplete and yields both gaseous and particulate components deleterious gases, tar aerosols and nicotine particles. These toxic components are found in both main stream and side stream non-filter cigarettes – hence ruling out the perceived benefit of Hubble-Bubble smoking in place of traditional tobacco cigarettes.
Researchers found that although the mean concentration of cotinine and nicotine in urine samples was significantly higher among cigarette smokers, they were still pathologically high in Hubble-Bubble smokers. Among both groups of smokers who have been smoking for ten years or more, continine and nicotine levels tended to be higher in Hubble-Bubble smokers whereas the cigarettes smokers only displayed higher nicotine levels.
The study also found that the trend for chronic bronchitis symptoms was more pronounced for Hubble-Bubble smokers as compared to cigarette smokers. Both cigarette and Hubble-Bubble smokers also displayed negative effects on good cholesterol – hence increasing their risk of heart attack.
These findings are significant in dispelling the myth that there exists a less harmful form of tobacco smoking. They support existing literature in the conclusion that Hubble-Bubble and cigarette smoking have the same deleterious effects.
Lead author Sana Al Mutairi said, “This study clearly shows that smoking Hubble-Bubble does not minimize the risk of tobacco and it’s potentially harmful metabolites – thus calling for immediate attention for this rapidly growing smoking habit. We need to study and monitor smoking habits in the region and conduct more research on the harmful effects of the other potentially risky by-products of the tobacco mixture consumed in Hubble-Bubble.”
She added, “Remember, nicotine kills in all forms.”
This study is published in the July 2006 issue of Respirology (Vol. 11, Issue. 4).
Media wishing to receive a PDF or to arrange for an interview with the authors, please contact alina.boey@asia.blackwellpublishing.com

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