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Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

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June 13, 2011

Glaxo Antibiotic Scares Taiwan And Hong Kong // Pharmalot

Glaxo Antibiotic Scares Taiwan And Hong Kong // Pharmalot

Kang Jaw-Jou, director general of the Taiwan Food and Drug Administration tells China Times that, although DIDP levels were limited and could be translated to about 2 micrograms in each dose, which is an amount unlikely to harm human health, his agency will still ask Glaxo to produce proof showing it has not wittingly or maliciously adulterated its antibiotic with the banned substance.

Meanwhile, a spokesman for the Hong Kong Department says this: “DIDP’s safety in man is not well established. However, data on animal studies suggested that long-term consumption of DIDP at high level may affect the liver. It is a fact that the DH has not received any report of adverse events related to the product, but GSK has failed to demonstrate the safety of the tainted product to our satisfaction. The threat to public health cannot be ruled out as this stage.

A Glaxo spokeswoman, however, sends us this statement: “The levels of DIDP that are being investigated are significantly lower than the levels that the US and European authorities deem to present a level of risk. With that in mind, GSK continues to support the safe use of this medicine as prescribed by a health care professional.”

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