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Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

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August 30, 2009

N 95 face masks use

Can I use an N95 mask for more than one day?
N95 respirators should be worn only once and then thrown away in the trash.
When using facemasks or N95 respirators, please remember:
Used facemasks and N95 respirators should be taken off and thrown away in the regular trash so they don't touch anything else.
Avoid reusing disposable facemasks and N95 respirators if possible.
After you take off a facemask or N95 respirator, clean your hands with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand rub.
Very little is known about the benefits of wearing facemasks or respirators to help control the spread of influenza in community settings.
In areas with confirmed influenza virus infections, the risk for infection can be reduced through a combination of actions. No single action will provide complete protection, but an approach combining the following steps can help decrease the likelihood of transmission. These actions include frequent handwashing, covering coughs, and having ill persons stay home, except to seek medical care, and minimize contact with others in the household.
People should consider wearing a facemask during a severe influenza (flu) outbreak if:
They are sick with the flu and think they might have close contact with other people (within about 3 feet);
They live with someone who has flu symptoms (and therefore might be in the early stages of infection);
They will be spending time in a crowded public place and thus may be in close contact with infected people; or
They are well and do not expect to be in close contact with a sick person but need to be in a crowded place.
During a severe flu outbreak, people should limit the amount of time they spend in crowded places. They should also consider wearing a facemask while in crowded areas.
People should consider wearing a respirator during a flu pandemic if:
They are well, but expect to be in close contact with people who are known (or believed) to be sick with flu; or
They are taking care of a sick person at home.
In these situations, people should limit the amount of time they are in close contact with those who are ill, and should consider wearing a respirator. If a respirator is unavailable, the use of a mask should be considered.
Respirator use should be in the context of a complete respiratory protection program in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. Information on respiratory protection programs and fit test procedures can be accessed at http://www.osha.gov/SLTC/etools/respiratory . Staff should be medically cleared, fit-tested, and trained for respirator use, including: proper fit-testing and use of respirators, safe removal and disposal, and medical contraindications to respirator use.

For more information about novel H1N1 influenza virus, please visit
Workplace Planninghttp://www.flu.gov/plan/workplaceplanning/index.html

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