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Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

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August 25, 2008

An interesting way of teaching your child English

oA Parent has informed me of a useful website to teach kids phnis. It has games also.
Check them at http://hooked-on-phonics.com/index.cfm and their mission:
How Our Products Work?
What makes Hooked on Phonics unique is that we use our proven learn-practice-play approach. We provide children with bite-sized pieces of new information in every lesson so they are able to master the new concept and achieve success every time.
The easy-to-follow learn-practice-play approach:
Kids learn a new skill or concept.
Practice: Kids practice the concept until they master it.
Play: Kids read great books and play games so they can enjoy applying their new knowledge.

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