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Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

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May 20, 2008

What should health professionals look out for when parents express concerns if their child has autism

The RED FLAGS for autism

Communication concerns:
Does not respond to his/her name
Cannot tell me what s/he wants
Language is delayed
Doesn't follow directions
Appears deaf at times
Seems to hear sometimes but not at others
Doesn't point or wave goodbye
Used to say a few words, but now doesn't.

Social concerns:
Doesn't smile socially
Seems to prefer to play alone
Gets things for him/herself
Is very independent
Does things 'early'
Has poor eye contact
Is in his/her own world
Tunes us out
Is not interested in other children.

Behavioural concerns:
Is hyperactive/ uncooperative/oppositional
Doesn't know how to play with toys
Gets stuck on things regularly
Toe walks
Has unusual attachments to toys
Lines things up
Is oversensitive to certain textures or sounds
Have odd movement patterns.

Absolute indications for immediate further evaluation :
No babbling by 12 months
No gesturing (pointing, waving, bye-bye, etc) by 12 months
No single words by 16 months
No two-word spontaneous (not just echolalic) phrases by 24 months
ANY loss of ANY language or social skills at ANY age.

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