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Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

Knowledge is Power العلم نورٌ

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May 20, 2008


Modified Checklist for Autism in Toddlers

The M-CHAT is designed to screen for Autism Spectrum Disorders in toddlers (i.e., over the age of 12 months, and ideally over the age of 18 months). A parent can complete the items independently. The M-CHAT does not allow a clinician to make a diagnosis of an Autism Spectrum Disorder, but is a very useful clinical tool that has excellent sensitivity and specificity. Positive results suggest a high risk for an Autism Spectrum Disorder, and may necessitate referral. The M-CHAT does not require clinician observation. The CHAT, however, does require clinician observation, and has poor sensitivity, but excellent specificity.

1. Does your child enjoy being swung, bounced on your knee, etc.? YES NO
2. Does your child take an interest in other children? YES NO
3. Does your child like climbing on things, such as up stairs? YES NO
4. Does your child enjoy playing peek-a-boo/hide-and-seek? YES NO
5. Does your child ever pretend, for example, to talk on the phone or YES NO
take care of a doll or pretend other things?
6. Does your child ever use his or her index finger to point, to ask YES NO
for something?
7. Does your child ever use his/her index finger to point, to indicate YES NO
interest in something?
8. Can your child play properly with toys (e.g., cars or bricks) without YES NO
just mouthing, fiddling or dropping them?
9. Does your child ever bring objects over to you (parent) to show you YES NO
10. Does your child look you in the eye for more than a second or two? YES NO
11. Does your child ever seem oversensitive to noise (e.g., plugging ears)? YES NO
12. Does your child smile in response to your face or your smile? YES NO
13. Does your child imitate you (e.g., you make a face – will your YES NO
child imitate it)?
14. Does your child respond to his/her name when you call? YES NO
15. If you point at a toy across the room, does your child look at it? YES NO
16. Does your child walk? YES NO
17. Does your child look at things you are looking at? YES NO
18. Does your child make unusual finger movements near his/her face? YES NO
19. Does your child try to attract your attention to his/her own activity? YES NO
20. Have you ever wondered if your child is deaf? YES NO
21. Does your child understand what people say? YES NO
22. Does your child sometimes stare at nothing or wander with no purpose? YES NO
23. Does your child look at your face to check your reaction when faced YES NO
with something unfamiliar?
Have you ever filled out this form for this child before? YES NO

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